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Project: Nautilus+Unison to remote and local synchronization

Integrate unison on nautilus, on a transparent way. User should be able to right click a folder, select "sync", and then choose the remote medium, just like it's done on unison.

User should also mark a sync schedule option when configuring the sync (sync each day, sync each 2 days, sync on sundays, etc.)

folders with are synced would appear with a different mini-icon (maybe a mirror drawing, or a networking image or something like). When right clicked, the user should be able to select "configure sync" and edit the sync options (schedule, and remote location, conflicts, everything from unison)

Nautilus should have a "synced folders" tab on the preference settings, where the user can edit the profiles and view the current synced folders, much like one can do using unison.

The Nautilus File Manager is a part of Gnome :
And the Unison file synchronizer tool :


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  1. Could you please add links for Nautilus and Unison

    by soeren on 29 Nov 2007 01:39

  2. sure, updated the description.

    by wladston on 29 Nov 2007 01:49

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