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Project: web interface for GTK+

I would like to use my loved Linux applications not only at home but also from work and from everywhere where I have an Internet connection. Therefore GTK+ should be extended by a web interface to allow the usage of GTK+ based applications through any HTML compliant web browser. A simple Linux based PC could function as a server. This would create a strong unique selling proposition for Linux and open source applications. It would allow to use GTK+ based applications similar to eyeOS but would not require to rewrite every application in order to use it through the web.


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  1. Not all GTK+ applications might be Web interfaceable

    If I think of GIMP for example, it might be hard to imagine a Web interface will be possible. Is there a simple way to decide which applications could be used with a Web interface (e.g. on the basis of the usage of certain GTK+ functions).

    by soeren on 8 Nov 2007 16:11

  2. Re: Not all GTK+ applications might be Web interfaceable

    For the moment it may be true that it would not be possible to use every application through a web interface (Think about 3D action games for instance). Still it makes sense to implement a web interface for "GTK+ light" which would not provide all functionality of GTK+. This may allow 90% of office, connectivity and other work-oriented applications to be web-accessible.

    In the long term I am sure it will be possible to use more advanced techniques than HTML, CSS and Javascript to implement web interfaces for "real" applications. For instance Adobe's Flash and AIR, Microsoft's Silverlight and Mozilla's Prism are such technologies. It is for sure that more advanced, open and independent techniques will follow, probably sponsored by the W3C.

    by stefan on 8 Nov 2007 21:15

  3. VNC

    You can already use your computer remote. Enable Vino in GNOME desktop, and then just use any VNC viewer (there is even one that's java plugin, so you load it from a browser).

    by grakic on 13 Nov 2007 02:37

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