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Project: Globulation 2 Full Time Programmer

The project Globulation 2 is suffering from a lack of work on it. So it is my and the general consensus of the community that a full time programmer should be hired to work on the project.

The programmer would have to listen to the demands of both the donators and the community, and be able to put aside personal aspirations in order to achieve what the community desires. The programmer would have to be able to put in at least 40 hours of work per week on the project.

Areas that need upgrading include the online-play, the map editor and random map generators, general new features like pre-game alliances, improved campaigns, and a large variety of other requested features mentioned on the Wiki, on the forums and on the mailing list.

The programmer would need to be able to produce results in a reasonable amount of time. If not, then the donations would be revoked, and perhaps a programmer found, depending on the vote of the donators. Individual donators can add feature requests as part of their donations.


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  1. R1: Giszmos sketch of a roadmap (wishlist)

    by Giszmo on 22 Jan 2008 01:53

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    Just let me dream a bit what could be done within half a year of full time programming ... Clear goal should be a 1.0 release so this would be my roadmap:

    • Fix the network layer
    • Fix major other bugs (games that remain open, invisible forbidden areas that don't get refreshed, autosavegame that can't be loaded, some crash bugs, ...)
    • test for _documented_ 30 games without crashes logged on the wiki played with release candidates of windows, MacOS and Linux (Debian) version 10 games each.
    • Release 0.9.2 (We quickly need to get something out to our community that works.)
    • Prepare the yog screens for more than 20 players at a time (now nobody would know what game to join and chat is not split by hosted game and lobby (tabs have been proposed))
    • An event system that can play sounds depending on view port, fog of war and team belonging (if sounds get done as offered these days)
    • task switching should be possible (go windowed during game)
    • get VOIP running on all plattforms
    • (Paving areas to allow arbitrary placement and upgrade of buildings without regard to clearable ressources. Don't know how commonly this is considered important)
    • improved task-unit-allocation (weighted instead of greedy job assignment (already finished except for a crash bug i can't sort out)) including a fix for (globs choose task if there are more tasks than globs)
    • feature freeze
    • heavy testing with at least 50 games without crashes logged on the wiki.
    • gui-freeze one week before
    • Release 1.0

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  1. Offer?

    What exactly is the offer? 435EUR per month for one year? So the offer should be "one year full time programmer for 5220EUR".

    As far as I can see, the COfundOS system intends to have projects where the bidders pay only after the project has been fulfilled to the content of the majority of the funds. If your promise to work hard can lead to this consent your offer would work nevertheless.

    Please also consider promoting the funding of and offering to conclusively described glob2 projects.

    by Giszmo on 28 Oct 2007 15:55

  2. Offer Change

    Ok, I've changed my offer, what you said makes sense. Its now €2610 for a 6 months. Pretty cheap for a full time programmer. I can't take the money all at the end, I need it on a month-month basis.

    by genixpro on 28 Oct 2007 17:02

  3. status of Genixpro's offer

    Hi Genixpro,

    what's your status? I think I remember you wrote something not so optimistic about your offer. Do you still offer what is stored here? I ask because I either might spend some more money here or shift my offers to the smaller glob2-projects where people have done things already. (Eduardo has started with paving areas and quit before finishing it so I don't know if steph will make something out of the code snippets.)

    If you affirm your offer, my offer would be to double every bid up to the demanded €2610. That would be another up to €(2610-810)/2=€900 from my side.


    by Giszmo on 18 Jan 2008 18:53

  4. genixpros offer

    My offer still stands. It will need to be finalized before mid February, however, since I go to university in Septembers I'm unsure how much free time I'll have, so 6 months before mid August is mid February.

    Since my hours have been axed at my existing job, I'll accept anything between €2000 - €2610, approximately between $500 to $600 Canadian per month.

    by genixpro on 19 Jan 2008 02:20

  5. little update

    genixpro has started working on glob2 again. he's doing progress. to get convinced have a look at [1].
    I already transfered 800€ and hope for support by others so we can support genixpro the whole 6 months he has available.

    greetings, giszmo


    by Giszmo on 23 Feb 2008 03:56

  6. next payment

    Hello fellow bidders, genixpro asked me to transfer the next payment. As he's doing a good job so far I'm willing to do so. When are you planing to pay your bids? Are you interested in specific tasks you would want to over-vote me for? genixpro takes it very seriously when it comes to who is paying him as long as the proposed task is not counter-productive. For the ongoing progress please see the bugtracker and the history of the repository, Greetings, Giszmo

    by Giszmo on 1 Apr 2008 19:01

  7. How are payments supposed to work?

    I hadn't used this system before placing a bid on this project. I thought the way it was supposed to work was that bids were due once the project was deemed successful. I understand why genixpro wants the money in installments and I'd imagine Giszmo is sending payments in some way outside of this system, but I'd rather use the system. If another project were made, though, that was just one month so genixpro's bid could be matched, I'd gladly move my bid over there, even if it meant paying it at the beginning of the month instead of the end, because I know he's already put plenty of work into it.

    by mmein on 2 Apr 2008 01:24

  8. payments

    hi mmein

    payments are not possible through cofundos itself so far. genixpro has a using "". Moneybookers was the cheapest I could find to get my money to Canada. If you are located in Canada, maybe you should be able to find cheaper ways ;)

    Greetings, Giszmo

    by Giszmo on 2 Apr 2008 01:45

  9. update


    As we hit half time of Bradley's offered programming it's time for a little update:
    I just raised my own offer to 1600€ having payed 1200 already. Bradley is doing fine with the coding although we have a little trouble getting to know the exact state as he is offline. Yes, you read right, our main developer has no internet as his Canadian (thought they had good infrastructure there) provider stopped the contract and there seems to be no alternative. This makes updates fly in in big chunks rather than in daily commits but programming is well under way.

    Probably the fact most worth mentioning is that we have released beta3 and it looks like this is the best and most stable version ever as we focused on stability more than ever before.

    If you, my Co-Bidders did send money to Bradley, please let me know as I still hope on some support from others. Oh yes: Bradley please confirm all payments so people know this is all transparent.



    by Giszmo on 3 May 2008 00:14

  10. I have recieved the 30 Euro from mmein. Thank you for your contributation.

    To give you all an update on exactly what your recieving. For the price of €2400, your recieving exactly 30 hours of counted work for every week betweeen Febuary 4'th and Augast 4'th, and anywhere between 0 and 10 hours of planning that I do on my spare time at school, during transportation, etc, which I find makes doing the work itself very quick.

    Using software I created, I keep track of the amount of hours I work, so I am very diligent to make sure that I don't count time that I have not done work on Globulation 2.

    Due to time constraints at the moment (graduation, scholarships, school projects), I don't have much time to work on Globulation 2, but don't fret, I will be making up the time come June/July/Augast when I have the free time to work on Globulation 2. I'm approximately 120 hours behind where I should be at the moment, I expect that before the school year ends, I will be about 200 hours behind. Before the summer is over, this number will be 0, and the ebt from your generous donations will be repaid.

    Progress has and will continue to be made on Globulation 2. My very dilegent practices to make sure that the code I produced is maintainable has paid off, and the number of work-hours that I actually need to make new features is extremely small, and I found that, when we finally started doing new features, it was very quick. For example, to create pre-game alliances (a beta 4 feature), it took me no more than 4 hours for this long requested feature, and many new YOG features are just as swift.

    by genixpro on 13 May 2008 14:46

  11. this transaction has long been finished


    sorry for not reporting back but genixpro finished his job and got payed at least by me. i would appreciate if he would close and finish this as he is not available in a way it is represented here so this might be misleading.

    thanx to all that supported this task.



    by Giszmo on 10 Nov 2008 23:27

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