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Project: Working Browser on Openmoko

Openmoko lacks a working polished browser. This project seeks to provide a working polished browser. Currently that may be Opera Mini or Fennec Beta 1.

To collect the bounty the successful applicant would need to build a package that installs Fennec or Opera on SHR, or 2008.12 without error. All dependencies must be available as packages.


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  1. R1: Open Source

    by atmaniak on 20 Mar 2009 11:16

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    The selected browser must be an opensource product.

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  1. Specifications?

    I've fennec beta1 running on the openemoko.
    But I don't know what are the exact requirement to win the bid because:
    *fennec is slow
    *fennec is not very adapted to the openmoko screen(some buttons are too big),so it's better to rotate the screen before using fennec.
    moreover, on what version of SHR should it work.
    I've SHR unstable.

    What I can provide:
    *a fennec beta1 ipk
    *the dependencies
    *obviously the packages's sources
    *what was used to build the package(build "scripts"(or kind of))
    *a howto on how it was built...

    What is over my capabilities or what I won't or don't want to do:
    *customizations that would require to heavily change the source code of fennec

    So if it's necessary I could look how to change fennec appearance,but I won't do it if it require huge changes in the source code of fennec.


    by GNUtoo on 21 Mar 2009 20:14

  2. too easy?

    I'm hesitating about the fact of accepting the task(or publishing the package for free(as in price))...
    Because for someone that doesn't know well cross-compilation and build systems it could appear a difficult task...
    But for me it was very easily done:I had to use my favorite cross-compilation/build system(openembedded) and do a very little(and ugly) patch for building it(there are better ways to do it)...
    It took me less than a day(I solved more difficult cross-compilation problems) and it was mainly because my computer/the compilation process was slow(as usual)

    by GNUtoo on 22 Mar 2009 01:15

  3. Oh my....

    There is some arbitrariness involved here! I suppose it mostly depends on how slow fennec actually is; if it's usable, the buttons can be made acceptably small, and the ipk file installs on shr unstable then I'm fine considering this project done. If it's to slow to be usable, then I would not consider it a 'working' browser.

    by brettjamin on 23 Mar 2009 01:00

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